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Description: Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen has throughout his career represented strong teams as Sprout, Heroic, and Nordavind including stand-in spots at Complexity and mousesports. However, something still feels a bit unresolved when speaking about the skilled AWPer from Denmark, who currently plays out-of-contract at Lyngby Vikings. Although having played at these renowned CS:GO teams, NaToSaphiX haven’t managed to fully establish his name on the Counter-Strike scene. In this interview, the 24-year old player touches on some of the reasons why, and how issues outside of the server ruined his time at Heroic. Why haven’t you established yourself as a regular starter over an extended period of time, at some of your previous teams? "I think my time at Heroic could have worked out better for me, but I think it came at a very bad point in my life and I wish that it would have come today instead. I was pushed into a different role than the one I joined for, and my performance was just not good enough in the new role. I also had some issues with things outside of CS which took a massive toll on my mental health as well, which didn’t make things easier. I actually wanted to quit the team. Mentally I was out of that team for a few months before I got the boot."
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