nba predictions picks and parlays

Title: nba predictions picks and parlays
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/nbapredictionspicksandpaam9/
Description: What do we offer: 1 parlay pick a week. That’s right. Just 1. Odds of +100 (2.0) or better guaranteed. And to sweeten the deal, if the parlay/prediction fails…you get a full refund. HOW THIS ALL WORKS If you’ve ever watched CBS, ESPN or any sports show you’ll know that there a million different stats: from shooting percentages, to assists, to average pitch speed. We’ve combined the most important statistics for every sport into one model (for the stats men or women out there, please refer to the poisson distribution model). This enables us to drill down to and provide the best nba predictions, picks and parlays. It works for mlb, nfl, college basketball and college football and soccer. We analyse 50+ games a week and narrow it down to a 2 team parlay.
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Finally online on September 9, 2017 , i always wanted to run such a site, to see what stuff people submit, their own creations.