Leeds Dentist

Title: Leeds Dentist
URL: https://www.yorkshiredentalsuite.co.uk/
Description: It’s only natural to have bad memories of a painful experience at the dentist. We understand this and we want to help you overcome your phobia and have treatment in the most pleasurable way possible. With IV sedation, we’ll help you relax during your dental procedure, so you’re still awake but not aware of what’s happening and with much less dental anxiety. This allows our experienced dentist to carry out your treatment without you feeling too stressed in the chair. Plus you won’t remember the treatment after you’ve had it done! IV sedation is when the drug (midazolam) is administered through a vein so it goes to work very quickly. This method of sedation allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation. Whilst you are sedated you are in a semi-awake state and will likely have little to no memory following treatment.
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