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Description: Embeddable Comment Widget: Get more engagement with our easy to use commenting system. The setup takes just a few clicks. How It Works? 1?? Fill our simple registration form to access the dashboard. 2?? Copy & Paste the widget code into your website. 3?? Engage with your community & moderate comments. 4?? Earn JOINT tokens based on your traffic & engagement. JOINT Token Rewards: JOINT is a tradable cryptocurrency which works on Ethereum blockchain. JOINT also the fuel of Joint Comments platform. - Acquire traffic from other publishers - Reward your team members & writers - Hold it to get future profit from Joint Comments Any online marketing professional that knows what they are talking about will tout the benefits of business blogging. It’s a great way to establish your business as a thought leader in a particular industry, drive traffic to your website, and improve link building efforts for SEO. While it’s obviously important to spend time writing content for your blog, it’s also important to promote the blog and get your name out there in the blogging community in your niche. Blog commenting is one of the strategies people often use to do this. Having the comments option enabled is a great way to have conversations with your blog’s users and build a community around your blog. It’ll open doors for networking opportunities with like-minded people. Does activating the comments option have any benefits in SEO? Will comments help to rank long-tail keywords? Are the comments considered to be user-generated content by Google? On the other hand, having comments open is a sure-fire way to get tons of spam through automated tools. Is Google going to consider comments as low-value content and hence adversely affect our SEO efforts? As you can see, there are upsides and downsides to having user comments, and it’s a topic often debated among people. Let’s see how we can minimize the bad effects of comments and make them valuable.
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Finally online on September 9, 2017 , i always wanted to run such a site, to see what stuff people submit, their own creations.